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“Women are on the front lines. Women have always been the first to see what is coming."

~Sobonfu Some'

As the first organization of its kind, in North Carolina, W.I.S.E. (Women In Support and Empowerment) Community Doulas was formed to provide caring, sensitive, and culturally appropriate doula support, for women of color; who lack the adequate resources needed, to afford doula care.

We envision pregnancy and birth as part of a spectrum of reproductive experiences, which also includes fertility, pregnancy prevention, miscarriage, abortion, surrogacy, and adoption, and we extend the doula model of care to all of the choices and outcomes across this spectrum. This means that we provide educational, informational, physical and emotional support for all reproductive choices and experiences.



W.I.S.E. Community Doulas is committed to the inclusion of individuals and families regardless of age, race, class, ethnicity, national origin, gender expression & identity, sexuality, relationship status, ability, and religion.

Our Mission

The mission of W.I.S.E. Community Doulas, is to improve the maternal and infant health outcome and disparities of women of color, by fostering a community that advocates, educates, empowers and supports pregnant people, their growing families, and the professionals who work with them, during the childbirth continuum.

Our Vision

  • Help bring birth back to the community. We believe in community-centered collaborations. In doing so we honor, celebrate, and adapt to the cultural influences, values, and experiences of the people we serve.

  • To ensure that all the basic needs of birthing people, in our communities, are met through innovative and collaborative approaches.

  • Reduce the high infant mortality and maternal mortality disparity between whites and African Americans

     in Charlotte and surrounding cities.

  • Increase access to care for women, children, and families, especially in uninsured populations and where disparities exist

  • Empowering families to breastfeed for the duration of 6 months or more.






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