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Being a pregnant or new parent can be an exciting time for many, but navigating through ever-changing circumstances that produce uncertainty, is a challenge. It is especially challenging if you do not have a strong support system to help you adjust emotionally, physically and financially. 


In the current climate of physical distancing, community is needed now more than ever. As we gather more free time at home, there are many mamas and families going through stressful times, who could use words of encouragement. Let's share our love and support for these families, by sharing advice, experiences and words of encouragement. 


Your letter will be included in a care package full of diapers, clothing and newborn essentials, for Charlotte families in need. 


Here are some ideas for writing a letter:             


Your letter can be short or long, as long as it’s from the heart. Encouragement is the key here. Mamas don’t need long lists of advice. They simply need to know that someone is rooting for them. Remember, all mamas – no matter their age, income level or life circumstances, want the best for their children. If you’re a parent, feel free to share personal experiences with pregnancy or parenthood. Did you overcome postpartum depression? Are you a single parent? Sharing a personal story of strength is a great way to inspire someone else. Sign your letter with just your first name, City and State. Recipients of the letters won’t know anything else about you. The last day to submit a Letter of Love is May 9th. The Last day to apply for a care package is May 9th.

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