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Sponsor A Mom In Need!

Women In Support and Empowerment

WCD is gearing up for our second annual Community Baby Shower. This year we are asking that you consider sponsoring a Mom, by helping us collect postpartum essentials. 


The postpartum period also known as the fourth trimester, is the first three months after birth. During this time there is a lot of healing, learning, and many sleepless nights. It can be difficult to adjust during this period if you cannot afford basic necessities to help you during this transitional stage.

If you're a parent, what were your top top 5 must have postpartum items? If they played a vital role in your postpartum recovery, consider donating those same items to a mom in need.  Please also include a note of encouragement for the recipient.


If you're not sure what 5 items you should give, checkout our wish list items below or feel free to make a donation.

Please email or call us at 704-255-5132 to schedule a pickup. We ask that all donations be ready by Friday (5/25).

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