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Community Prenatal Meetings are an exclusive benefit for Emerald Doulas clients. Whether you're a birth, postpartum or sibling doula client, first time parents or experiencing parenthood again, Community Prenatal Meetings are a time to build connections and grow together. 

We host a time and place for you to hear about your options, plan for your birth, and connect with other couples. We'll guide the conversation and you'll learn from us and each other. Each month we feature a different topic on a variety of days and times. You're welcomed (and encouraged) to come to one, or come to them all as you prepare for birth and life with a newborn.

Offers a weekly prenatal education program.  Learn how to have a healthy baby and pregnancy, talk with healthcare professionals, and make new friends.  Enjoy a healthy meal every week.  Childcare and small gift card provided. 

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